Rating System

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5 leaves: The highest rating that can be given. The novel was spectacular for reasons to be explained. A book I highly recommend and can see myself rereading.

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4 leaves: The novel was good. It was extremely well written, while the characters and world were impressive. This rating means that although the story wasn’t perfect I will still look for more written by this author.

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3 leaves: Liked the story for the most part, but it was nothing special. This rating is given to novels that could have added more in terms of characters, world building, or plot. The book is promising. More detail regarding rating will be given in the review.

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2 leaves: A rating given to novels that aren’t that interesting or special. It probably isn’t recommended unless you can find it somewhere for free.

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1 leaf: The lowest rating that can be given. I didn’t enjoy the book at all and wouldn’t recommend it.