My Story

Hello. My name is Blair and over the years I’ve become very interested in reading and writing. I guess you could say it’s my passion. When it comes to both of these things, I believe that sharing your thoughts is key and sometimes you’ll meet great people in the process. That’s why I started this blog in the first place. As a way to talk about the things I adore most.  Here’s some more about me.

I’m a cat person. My favorite drink is orange juice. I have over 250 books in my collection. I’m currently working on writing my first novel and I hope that one day I will have a published book out. I’m from Moldova but live in the US. I spend a fair amount of time watching Youtube.



The Bone Season . The Name of the Wind . Making Faces We Were Liars . The Raven Cycle The Night Circus . A Little Life  


Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Young Adult, & Contemporary 

Movies & TV:

Dead Poets Society . The Secret Garden (1993) . Pan’s Labyrinth . The Breakfast Club . Spirited Away . & Others.

Orphan Black . Game of Thrones HBO . The Newsroom HBO . Good Behavior . Brooklyn Nine Nine


Bon Iver . Green or Blue . Ben Howard . Keaton Henson . Gregory Alan Isakov . City and Colour . & More!

More About This Blog

I started this project/blog at the beginning of summer 2013. I try not to analyze the books that I read too extensively because everyone has their own opinion. Who am I to say that a book is or isn’t good? Of course, I try to find books that I will enjoy but every so often I find a book that I personally don’t like. I am happy to share my thoughts on both ends. To go along with all the reviews, I will put up writing updates, movie trailers and things that interest me.

I can also be found on NetGalley and I am open for reviews.

You can find me on Tumblr now!


14 thoughts on “My Story

    • Oh my goodness. Thank you so much. I’m over the moon happy that you like reading my reviews and other blog posts. It’s something I really enjoy doing and I hope to continue for a long time. Have a wonderful day!

  1. Hello! I found your blog from the Super Sweet Blogging Award you were nominated for by “The Day Dreaming, Candy Eating, Red Headed Bookworm”! Looks like we have a lot in common (#s 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, and 12). Of course, I have to ask, are you a Sam or Dean fan?

    • I’m glad that you found my blog! As for your question, probably Dean and not just because he’s attractive. (hey, I’m not going to lie) I like him because he’s hilarious. The show is serious so he brakes the ice. haha. Have a great day.

  2. Hello!!! Just wanted to say Thank you Sooooo much for supporting my blog writeofmind. Can’t wait to have you review my soon to be released novel!!!
    Thanks again!

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