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Beginnings and Books

Well, we’ve done it. We made it to a new year and somehow the world is still spinning. I’ve been sitting here trying to figure out how to write this post, how to return to this platform as if nothing has changed, but that would be dishonest. In the last few months, I haven’t been motivated enough to write a single word, on paper or otherwise. It felt like I was dragging my feet through cement and so I stopped. And since I’m being frank I admit that putting this post together is difficult too. Everything about last year was difficult. Politics have become more polarized than ever, celebrities and loved ones have died, and the world seems to be in a general sense of disarray. So, what’s next?

We move on.

Before the year ended I took some time to look at what was most important to me and two things rose to the surface: books and self-care. No matter what else is going on reading has provided me with a comfort that I don’t want to lose. Therefore by association, this community remains important to me and I want to return to it. I still want to write reviews and help others find the next best thing to read. But I also don’t want to feel pressured by the quantity of my content, or obligated to post something when I’m feeling less than stellar. That is where self-care enters.

This year I will take my time and post when I feel like it. After all, for many reviewers, this still remains a hobby. When you have followers to think about, whether you realize this or not,  that growing number automatically adds pressure to meet demands and compete with other reviewers. If this goes on long enough a burn out happens. As it did for me. In 2017, I will still post reviews and tags about books, but at my own pace. (I am also interested in sharing my opinions on movies and TV Shows in the future to add some variety.)  Most importantly, I want to remain honest with you. If I’m not feeling well I want you guys to know. We shouldn’t have to pretend everything is perfect all the time because that in itself is exhausting. Self-care is my ultimate goal this year and I hope that it is for all of you as well.

With that said, I want to wish you all a very Happy New Year! We’re in this together. By the end of the week, I will be posting a list of my favorite books of 2016. Thank you for the continued support and I look forward to another amazing reading year!





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