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Wishlist Wednesday: #26

It’s time for another Wishlist Wednesday! This weekly book-related blog hop was started wishlist-wednesdayby Dani at Pen to Paper and each week those who participate share one book that they desperately want to add to their bookshelf. I don’t know about you, but I’m constantly finding new titles that I feel deserve a spot on my shelf. It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. So without further ado here’s this weeks pick.

I decided to go with a classic this week. This story was one of my favorites as a child, but oddly I’ve never actually read the novel that the popular Disney movie was based on. Welcome to a world of lost boys, pirates, and magic…

Title: Peter Pan700817

Author: J.M.Barrie

Format: Paperback, 185 pages.

Publication: January 26th 1995 by Penguin Books. Originally published in 1911.

Goodreads Summary: The boy who refuses to grow up teaches Wendy and her younger brothers how to fly. Then it’s off to magical Neverland for adventures with mermaids, Indians, and wicked Captain Hook and his pirate crew in this illustrated, easy-reading adaptation of the classic fantasy.

Many adaptions of  Peter Pan have been made over the years, from movies to music and tv shows. This story has been capturing children’s imaginations for generations. I can’t wait to read the book that started it all.




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