To My Reader

Paper Towns Movie Trailer

Author and YouTuber John Green has received high praise for his book The Fault In Our Stars, and it’s this success that brought the beloved book to the big screen. A year later, it has been announced that yet another best-selling novel would find its way into theaters. Paper Towns follows a boy named Quentin Jacobsen at the end of his senior year and one night a neighbor and fellow classmate climbs through his window covered in black paint. The only thing on her mind is revenge. I’ve read the book, so when I heard it was going to be turned into a movie I was excited. The film, directed by Jake Schreier stars Nat Wolff and model Cara Delevingne. It’ll be interesting seeing what scenes from the book make it into the movie. I’m hopeful that the adaptation will be liked by John’s readers. If you have yet to see the movie trailer I recommend you watch it. The film is set to be released in June 2015. Not that far away.

Let me know what you think of this latest book to movie adaptation. Will you go see it?



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