To My Reader

Busy As A Bee

I just wanted to let you guys know about the crazy schedule I’m on at the moment because I feel like I should share this with you. Currently, I’ve started a ginormous 3 month English project for school that unfortunately takes priority and most of my free time. That includes my reading time. For those of you who may have just shed a tear for me, I promise you that I will still be able to read, but the time frame in which my reviews go up might be significantly more spaced out. I’ve also got multiple plans for the summer months that will keep me busy, busy as a worker bee. I still plan on posting reviews for Maybe Someday and A Different Blue very soon. Occasionally life gets a little hectic, but I’m hoping that you all will stick with me. I’ve been blogging for almost a year now and I can’t believe the amount of wonderful support I’ve gotten. I’ve got a special surprise lined up for that week. And to the many friends I’ve made; thank you for being just as crazy about the written word as I am.



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