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Wishlist Wednesday #14

wishlist-wednesdayI  was debating whether or not to do Wishlist Wednesday today because of the TFiOS Trailer release. (Click Here) It occurred to me that my wishlist never stops growing, so of course I have to put this up. Wishlist Wednesday is a blog hop started by Dani at Pen to Paper. Once a week people in the book community share a book that they desperately want on their shelf.

When I came across this book about a week ago I added it to my to-read list instantly. The synopsis just grabbed me and it had pretty great reviews on Goodreads. Why not?

18484204 Title: Portrait of a Girl Running

Author: J.B. Chicoine

Published: October 1st 2013 by Straw Hill Publishing

Format: Paperback

All Leila wants is to get through her senior year at her new high school without drawing undue attention. Not that she has any big secret to protect, but her unconventional upbringing has made her very private. At seventeen, she realizes just how odd it was that two men raised her—one black, one white—and no mother. Not to mention they were blues musicians, always on the move. When her father died, he left her with a fear of foster care and a plan that would help her fall between the cracks of the system. Three teachers make that impossible—the handsome track coach, her math teacher from hell, and a jealous gym instructor. Compromising situations, accusations of misconduct, and judicial hearings put Leila’s autonomy and even her dignity at risk, unless she learns to trust an unlikely ally.

I know they say not to judge a book by its cover, but damn is this one beautiful. The cover is what initially got my attention. Looking more closely, a lot of the issues brought up in this novel are unfortunately controversial. (Raised by two men, Student/teacher relationship) I’m really interested to see how the author works with this subject matter. I’m extremely excited to read this, I know I’ll get to it eventually. Every week I find like twenty new books I want to read. I can’t help it! This one is definitely on the priority list though.

What are you wishing for this Wednesday? Share it below.




One thought on “Wishlist Wednesday #14

  1. Adding more books to a wishlist than you can possibly read, I know the feeling.
    I can see why the book grabbed your attention, it certainly caught mine. The controversial subjects could be a minefield for the author, so it should be interesting to see how s/he handles it. And another one for the “to read’ shelf 🙂

    My WW

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