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The Fault in Our Stars Trailer

You guys, it’s finally here! You have no idea how excited I am for this film. Like millions of others I’m absolutely in love with this novel and its message. John Green has created an extraordinarily beautiful story, and now it has a film adaption to accompany it. Many people are on the fence about this movie and saying that the book will be ruined. To that I have to say, the movie is meant to be a visual representation and not an exact clone. Besides, if the movie isn’t what we were hoping for, at least we still have the book. John also posted a tumblr entry that I think you should read. It talks about not caring for the small details. Click here to read that.  Okay, if you have yet to see the trailer for TFiOS I will leave it below. Enjoy.

Please let me know what you think. Have you read the book and are you planning on seeing the movie adaption?



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