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Book Review: Southbound Surrender by Raen Smith (ARC)

18720842 Published: January 23rd 2014.

Format: Paperback, 275 pages.

Note: Once again thank you to NetGalley for sending me a copy of this book for review.

Goodreads Summary: Five days. Fifty square feet. One last shot at love.
Cash Rowland first laid eyes on the tenacious and irresistible Piper Sullivan when they were both seventeen. He falls for her hard and just when he thinks she’s doing the same, Piper is torn from his life without warning. She leaves no contact information but only a vague promise of fate.
Five years later, their paths unexpectedly cross. When he shows up with his eighteen-wheeler unannounced, Cash persuades Piper to head out on the open road to give him one last shot at love. But what should be a routine delivery across six states suddenly becomes an unforgettable journey when they save a woman with a broken past and discover that second chances are only for the lucky ones.

Thoughts: By the time this review goes up this book will officially be published so sorry if I’m a little late writing this. This story is told through the perspective of a guy and that might not seem important, but I haven’t found a lot of contemporary stories written from a males point of view. I liked this book a lot and it definitely is something I would re-read.  I don’t care if you judge me, but I’m a total believer in fate and that’s exactly what this story ended up being. Plus, I really like road trip adventures!

Raen Smith did a wonderful job creating a story that on the surface was light and fluffy, but then coupling that with an emotional undertone. Cash and Piper were ridiculously funny and I loved their banter. If you’re looking for a sweet story that you can finish relatively quickly, I highly recommend this one. I’ll be keeping my eyes out for future work from this author.



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