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Favorite Banned Books

BBW2012-2013_imageSeptember 22-28, 2013 just happens to be Banned Books Week! Hundreds of libraries and bookstores are participating in the national book community’s annual celebration of the freedom to read. This is a time when we highlight censorship by showing off many books that have been considered “challenged.” So in honor of Banned Books Week, I thought I’d share a few of my favorites.

1. Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury, 1953

Banned for offensive language and content, a parent complained to West Marion High School, CA that the books use of “God Damn” was too much. Hearing this it was removed from the reading list and replaced with a version in which all the offensive words were blacked out.

2. Looking for Alaska, John Green, 2005
Banned for it’s look at sexual themes, after Tennessee legislature passed a bill saying schools cannot encourage sexual activities. The author upon hearing this posted an awareness video on his popular Youtube channel, VlogBrothers. Here’s the link to that video: 

3. Scary Stories (Series), Alvin Schwartz, 1981-1991

Banned for excessive violence and thoughts that these books aren’t suitable for their age group.



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