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Book Review: Saving Wishes by G.J Walker-Smith

saving wishes walker-smith  Thoughts: First of all, can I just say how much I like this cover? This book was a nice change in pace from the series I just finished and I’m glad I read this because I hadn’t heard anything about this book prior to reading it. This ended up being a really spontaneous summer read.

This story follows 17 year old Charli Blake and all she wants is to escape her small Australian town, to fulfill her dream of traveling. Of course her plans are put on hold when she’s almost run over by an American boy who only strengthens her idea that fate exists.

The thing that stood out to me the most while reading this book was that the relationship between Charli and Adam for the most part was very realistic when it came to teenage love. Too many authors these days forget that relationships aren’t always easy and that they take a lot of work from both sides. Overall, I really enjoyed the interactions that all characters had with one another. That’s what kept me reading because I actually wanted to know what would happen to them.

As I was reading this book I thought it would just be a typical love story, but the author added some really shocking twists and I sat there mouth agape. Wasn’t at all expecting that and I applaud the author for not taking the boring route. This book had some great laugh out loud moments and I just loved the narrators take on the world around her. I found out that there are other books in the series. That’s a good thing because I’m sure the author wasn’t done yet.

This book was really well done, though it wasn’t perfect, I’m surprised less people know about it. A great contemporary novel with a story yet to be completed.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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