Novel Process, To My Reader

Advice To Myself And Everyone Else

Procrastination plays a huge roll in life and I don’t care who you are. Point being that everybody has dealt with it, even if you think you haven’t. Think back to a homework assignment or chore that you were suppose to do. If you have ever said the words, “I’ll do that later” you’re probably procrastinating. It’s something I deal with a lot, and even more so because one of my goals is to write a novel. For publishing.. eh, I’m not worried about that right now. This is one of the areas where my procrastination shines and I’m trying to beat it. I always block myself before I even get a chance to write because I think “this is never going to happen.” I’ve heard so many different writing tips from everybody I know but one stood out to me.

“Just write. It could be 100 words to 500 words, but just take time out of your day to write and don’t stop to look at what you’ve already written. You spend too much time reviewing and not enough time actually creating. The reviewing comes later. If you need inspiration, go out into the world and then come back the next day. Don’t give up.”

Some days will be harder then others, but I’m up for the challenge.  What do you want to accomplish  but procrastinate on?



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