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Book Review: Wanderlove by Kirsten Hubbard

9807262   Thoughts: Ok. First of all, I know I just put up a review but I read this book in one sitting. Anyway, I’ll be one of those reviewers that starts off with a direct quote from the book. Just this once though.

“Even when life turns out different than what you’ve planned, it’s always better to try and fail than to wonder what could have been.”

You have to admit, it’s a pretty great quote. Very inspiring.

Bria is looking to leave the past behind, so she cuts her hair and sets out for Central America. When she meets up with her tour group, she finds only disappointment when she sees that she’s the only person under the age of forty. However things change quickly when two backpackers, Rowan and Starling, invite her to ditch the group and come backpacking with them. Bria agrees, and embarks on an adventure of a lifetime.

I have no idea why I’ve been reading so many travel-esk books lately, but here’s another one for you. The depictions of Central America were spot on and while reading this I could picture everything. The busy streets, food and people were all so vividly described. You could tell that the author spent so much time writing this book and trying to get everything right. That’s not the only area the book shines though. The characters brought the story to life and they played such a large roll in each others character development. Even the romance wasn’t over powering, so that’s a plus. Like I said, I read this book cover to cover. Although, I may have lost a nights sleep. oops..

One last thing to mention is the fact that this book has pictures, yes I said pictures. I absolutely love that the author added sketches throughout the book that relate to Bria’s sketchbook. That just shows again, the amount of effort that Hubbard put into this story. Besides, the visual added to the connection between the story and its reader.

This is a book I would re-read in a heartbeat and maybe you’ll take my review into consideration when looking for a book to pick up next.

Let me know what you thought in the comments below.

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