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Book Review: The Name Of The Star by Maureen Johnson

name-of-the-star-maureen-johnsonThoughts: Before I begin talking about the book itself, this is the first book I’ve read by Maureen Johnson and I was pleasantly surprised. Such an interesting concept.

The story begins with Rory Deveaux, an American teenager making her way over to London to attend her senior year at a boarding school. She shows up just in time as bodies start to pile up. There’s a murderer on the streets of London being called “Jack the Ripper’s Copycat” and Rory finds herself right in the middle of all the chaos. She also may have obtained the power to see a few ghosts.

Johnson does a wonderful job making the story come alive and her details are impeccable. I have yet to read a book quite like this one. She was able to create a pretty haunting atmosphere along with interesting characters. Most notable were the secret police that Rory meets after she gains her “sight.” They accompany Rory and I have to say that they were probably my favorite aside from the main character. The author also balanced out the book with some comedic moments and I really enjoyed that. I had a few laugh out loud moments.

Now, this book centered mainly around the plot so there wasn’t too much romance, and that works perfectly for this book. However, there are two people that I wouldn’t mind if they had something going on. We’ll see what happens. The only thing I had a bit of trouble with was the way the book ended. (surprised?)  It seemed a little to generic for me. That does, In no way take away from the story as a whole though. -I like the way this series is heading and I hear the next book is out. I would not hesitate to read another of Maureen Johnson’s books.

Let me know what you thought down in the comments below.

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