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Book Review: Dark Places by Gillian Flynn

dark placesMy Thoughts: The only thing I was thinking when I finished this book was, “well, that was disturbing..”

Dark Places centers around the survivor of a massacre that kills most of her family. Libby Day at the age of seven has no choice but to testify that her brother Ben was the one responsible for the killings. The book goes back and forth between Libby now, and the different perspectives of her family members leading up to the murder. Now in her thirties, Libby is drawn by financial troubles to participate and help the “Kill Club” find out the truth about what really happened that night.

I like how the author made us question all the characters and we as readers were essentially aiding Libby in the investigation. With the flashbacks, hints are given and I cannot tell you how theories I came up with while reading this book. It was kind of fun.

As far as the characters themselves, Flynn did a great job matching the feel of the story to supporting characters. This book was dark and there weren’t too many happy moments. So I applaud for the fact that the author was able to keep everything consistent.  The descriptions given were so vivid, and at times I could picture the events. Almost like a movie (maybe thats not a good thing considering the book was about murder) but, It didn’t just feel like I was reading words. I don’t want to give anything away, but I will say that the plot twists in this book pleasantly surprised me. I’m a sucker for some great plot twists. The only thing that bugged me was when Libby kept constantly complaining that what happened to her should be the only thing people pay attention to. Like “her” murders outweighed other bad things. Although, I guess that’s what makes her human. Her flaw.

I really did enjoy this book and It’s not like most of the things that I read, so it was nice to branch out a bit. Gillian Flynn created a haunting and mysterious book that will be hard to forget.

If you have read this book let me know what you thought by leaving a comment below.

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